Smart Meter Moratorium & Opt Out – List of Communities so far

Cities requesting Smart Meter Moratorium and / or Opt Out

CURRENT Tally : 59

A growing number of responsive and proactive B.C. Municipal and City Councils are passing motions for moratoriums on mandatory installation of B.C. Hydro’s wireless “Smart” Meters :

“According to Bill 23-2008 of the British Columbia Public Health Act, section 83

(1), a municipality must take action when it learns of something that could be

harmful to its residents. It must notify the Minister of Health or take immediate

action. At its June 27 Council meeting, the City of Colwood, B.C. passed a motion

to write to the Minister of Health and, due to the potential for wireless smart

meters to cause harm or to compromise security, request a moratorium on

mandatory installations of wireless meters. The Council also requested that

concerned residents be offered safer alternatives at no cost to them.”

As of June 2012, 50 California Communities and 10 Counties have demanded a moratorium

Seven have Criminalized smart meter installations. In December 2011, California electricity providers offered to let customers “Opt Out” and keep their Analog Meter. Read Article
City Halls that Passed the motion to call a Moratorium on mandatory installation of BC Hydro’s smart meters and / or have requested an Opt Out option :

BURNABY – March 19, 2012
CHAWATHIL First Nation – March 2012
CLEARWATER – June 19, 2012
DISTRICT of CENTRAL KOOTENAY (RDCK) ( FortisBC ) – January 20, 2012 – Read Article
DISTRICT of KOOTENAY BOUNDARY (RDKB) ( FortisBC ) – February 27, 2012 – Read Article
ENDERBY ( Opt Out Request ) – May 8. 2012 – Read Article
FERNIE – June 2012
GOLD RIVER – April 3, 2012 / March 23, 2012 – Read Document
GOLDEN – September 2012
GRANISLE – June 2012 – Documentation
HAGWILGET VILLAGE First Nation – April 2012
HORNBY ISLAND – May 24, 2012
ISLANDS TRUST COUNCIL (Gulf Island and Bowen Island) – June 2011 – Read Document
LAKE COUNTRY ( Winfield / Kelowna ) – February 21, 2012
MAPLE RIDGE – (Moratorium declined, Opt Out Request Submitted) FEB 14, 2012 – Read Article
MONTROSE – May 24, 2012
NORTH SAANICH – August 31, 2011 – Read Article
NORTH VANCOUVER – November 28, 2011
OKANAGAN – SIMILKAMEEN Regional District – October 2012
OLIVER – Jan 10th 2012 – Read Article
OSOOYOOS – July 10, 2012 – Read Article
PARKSVILLE – September 6 2011
PENTICTON – May 2012 – Read Article
PORT MOODY – June 26, 2012 – Opt Out
QUATSINO First Nation – June 2012
RICHMOND – November 7, 2011 – Details – Details
SAANICH – October 24, 2011
SALMON ARM – (Opt Out with possibility of Moratorium)
SICAMOUS – March 2012
SILVERTON – Sept 27, 2011 – Read Letter
SOOKE – April 23, 2012
SQUAMISH – May 2012
SUNSHINE COAST Regional District – January 5th, 2012
SURREY (Opt Out Request Submitted) – January 23 2012 – Report
UCLUELET – May 8, 2012
VANCOUVER – May 2, 2012 – Report
VERNON – May 14, 2012 – Report
WHITE ROCK – October 24, 2011
City Halls that received a request for a Moratorium:



Oak Bay

Peachland – Municipal Presentation, April 10



West Vancouver



1 – City Council Smart Meter Moratorium Request

2 – California Council on Science and Technology : “Health Impacts of Radiofrequency from Smart Meters”

3 – Dr. Havas Comments on the CCST

4 – Daniel Hirsch Comments on the CCST

Dr. Johansson Scientific Studies information

Now that Dr. Johansson is retiring, he has shared some of his studies that many have not seen before.

15 Studies showing “remarkable” changes in the skin and other effects from EMF and RF by Olle Johansson – 1990 to 2001:

Marg Friesen from Manitoba has taken on the mighty task of cataloguing the many peer-reviewed studies that the industry, Health Canada, WHO, and Perry Kendall want to ignore. The links below provide excellent references and I hope you will include some of these links when you write to any of the health agencies or officials who are denying that RF causes harm.  Many thanks to Marg.


Reviews showing potential non thermal harm

Bioeffects below safety code 6

Dr. Samuel Milham: Smart meters are a public health hazard

Testimony given by Dr. Sam Milham about the various ways smeters pose public health risks.


Dr. Samuel Milham: “Smart meters are a public health hazard.”


“Because it is at the front end of a building’s wiring, the dirty electricity from the smart meter’s SMPS has a gateway into that building’s wiring, and also into the earth via the house ground.  The house wiring acts as an antenna and the fields capacitively couple to the body through the air within 6 to 8 feet of the house wiring or extension cords plugged into the outlets. …”



What are OUR RIGHTS?

A comment from Nikki in Nova Scotia

“I am extremely electro-sensitive and especially around WI-FI.  I traveled across Canada this past year on the VIA train and got into a conversation with one of the train employees and he was saying how he hopes that VIA doesn’t get WI-FI on the train because people will miss the whole point of the train which is taking in the spectacular views of the scenery and people will be addicted to their gadgets instead.  I told him that I suffer health effects and hope they don’t either.  When I had to change trains from Toronto to Montreal SADLY they had WI-FI on that train and I immediately felt the effects.  It was so bad I was considering disembarking in Kingston. Ont.  Now I believe airlines all have it and also people will be able to use their cellphones sitting right next to one.

My question is – what are OUR RIGHTS?  There are serious health consequences and the Minister of Health as well as corporations should be respecting us.



Nova Scotia”

Electro-Pollution May be the Greatest Threat to the Biosphere

An excellent article about the severe danger to the health of our environment posed by RF radiation. It includes many quotes from several doctors, researchers, and a scientific journalist that could be a great use when trying to educate Health Canada, Health Minister Jane Philpott,  MPs, MLAs, Dr. Perry Kendall, and your children.

 “Wildlife is known to abandon areas when cell towers are placed. Radiofrequency radiation (RF) – the part of the electromagnetic spectrum used in all-things-wireless today – is a known immune system suppressor, among other things. RF is a form of energetic air pollution and we need to understand it as such. Humans are not the only species being affected. The health of our planet may be in jeopardy from this newest environmental concern – added to all the others. Citizens need to call upon government to fund appropriate research and to get industry influence out of the dialogue. We ignore this at our own peril now.”  Blake Levitt


Read on…

The Health Argument against Cell Phones and Cell Towers

Dr. Powell Health Arguments

The biomedical evidence showing that the radiofrequency radiation emitted by cell phones and cell towers is harmful to health continues to grow. This document summarizes the health argument against cellular technology, whatever the benefits of that technology may be. You may wish to inform yourself about these arguments for any of several reasons:

  • You use a cell phone.
  • You encourage, or do not discourage, the use of cell phones by family members.
  • You live in, or are contemplating moving into, a community close to a cell tower.
  • Your school or college is considering permitting the installation of a cell tower on its property.
  • Your community is considering permitting the installation of cellular repeaters, small-cell towers, or even full cell towers within its jurisdiction.

Download (PDF, Unknown)




Doctors Information Package

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Addressed to Medical Professionals. Useful to all. Updated July 19, 2014

The following package is for those who wish to approach their doctors with information regarding the possible health risks from non-thermal microwave radiation.  It contains links organized into specific health effect categories.  These links can be printed out according to personal areas of need or concern, and used to start a dialogue with doctors who may not as yet have associated certain health conditions with EMF or RF exposure.

The introductory letter on pages 1 and 2 contains a link to the entire list, and may be useful to your doctor as a reference tool.

“Dear Medical Professional:

“Your patient has asked us for support in providing you with information regarding the possible health risks from non-thermal microwave radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, recently reclassified by the WHO/IARC as a Class 2B, possible human carcinogen.

“This WHO risk category also includes lead, DDT, chloroform, and dioxane, and is relevant to all wireless devices emitting radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, including cordless phones, cell phones, IPads, Wi-Fi routers, wireless games, baby monitors, and smart meters . . .

“Many doctors have already given medical advice to their patients by way of a medical letter or note on a prescription form stating that the patient should avoid, for medical reasons, living in a residence or residential complex at which a wireless meter is operating in order to maintain their health or avoid aggravating a medical condition. This medical advice stating the health condition and advising the patient that they should avoid ongoing exposure to wireless radiofrequency and smart meter emissions will allow your patient to participate in the Human Rights Action currently underway. We are hopeful that the individual’s right to protect their health as advised by their medical doctor will be upheld by the Human Rights Tribunal, and this forced exposure within their own home to undesirable microwave radiofrequency emissions will be replaced with reasonable and respectful accommodation by BC Hydro . . . ”

Information categories contained in this package: 

  1. Microwave Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation General 
  2. Smart Meters
  3. Interference with medical devices / Smart Meter Risk
  4. Children
  5. EHS/ES – Electrosensitivity
  6. Diabetes
  7. Heart
  8. Tinnitus / Microwave Hearing / Dental Effects
  9. Sleep and Insomnia
  10. Infertility / Sperm Damage
  11. Cell Towers – Applicable to constant low-level exposures
  12. Cell Phones
  13. Published Articles
  14. BEES – This section included due to potential impacts on human health from loss of bees and pollination
  15. Lawsuits, Scientific Statements and Letters
  16. Cancer
  17. Brain Function / Epilepsy / Alzheimer’s / ALS

Also available:

Open Letter to GP and Other Medical Colleagues  January, 2012
AAEM calls for Caution (American Academy of Environmental Medicine)

EHS Safe


An  EHS aware Chiropractor in Saanichton, Dr. Misty Watson at Island family Chiropractic, understands EHS.  I would say she has recently become aware of the problem and in a general body health area has a way that should alleviate the symptoms.  Her office still has some WIFI but she is in the process of getting it hardwired.
I first met her a few months ago when she came into the coffee shop next door to her office (the coffee shop makes a point of no wifi available in the coffee shop.  In terms of overall EMR Saanichton is lower than most places and the coffee shop one of the lowest although the business upstairs is convinced EMR is good for people.  The readings on my meeting (only measures to 3.5 GHz) are generally 40 or so miliVolts/m which calculates to around 4 microwatts/sq m generally speaking as low as one finds anywhere.  (The middle of Victoria typically produces an ambient level of in the order of 10 times with many areas much more)

Demyelination Exacerbated by Home Wi-Fi router

Demyelination Exacerbated by (Xfinity) Home Wi-Fi router with Public Hotspot feature

Johansson O, Redmayne M, “Exacerbation of demyelinating syndrome after exposure to wireless modem with public hotspot”, Electromagn Biol Med 2016, 29:1-5  Paper is attached below.

Summary: A woman who had contracted neuroinvasive West Nile Virus in 2003 became disabled from nerve damage brought on by demyelination.  (Myelin is the protective layer around nerve cells, analogous to the plastic coating insulating electrical wires.  Damage to the myelin leads to neurological problems.

In August 2014, she suddenly developed symptoms very much like her acute West Nile infection, including seizures, vertigo and headaches. Her blood count looked normal so  there was no obvious infection. When she left her apartment for any length of time, the symptoms stopped. She found out that a new type of wireless modem (from Xfinity), enabled for both personal use and functioning as a public hotspot designed to reach up to 100 m, had been installed in the flat under hers.

After her neighbor replaced the modem with a router without the hotspot feature, the seizures stopped immediately, and the other symptoms faded gradually, after which she was fine and again could sleep well. Later, when another activated hotspot was installed in an adjacent flat, she once again noticed symptoms.

A possible association between electrohypersensitivity, myelin integrity and exposure to low-intensity radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) has recently been proposed. Since the West Nile virus attacks both the nerve cells and the glial ones, one explanation to the above observed case effects is that the initial virus attack and the wireless modem’s RF-EMF affect the nervous system through the very same, or similar, avenues, and maybe both via the oligodendrocytes.

Reliable biomarkers have been found in those with EHS and/or MCS

Reliable biomarkers have been found in those with EHS (electrohypersensitivity) and/or MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity)

Read the paper here

Rev Environ Health. 2015;30(4):251-71. doi: 10.1515/reveh-2015-0027.

Reliable disease biomarkers characterizing and identifying electrohypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity as two etiopathogenic aspects of a unique pathological disorder.
Belpomme DCampagnac CIrigaray P.

In many of those with EHS and/or MCS, the following biomarkers are out of normal range:

High-sensitivity C reactive protein (hs-CRP)

Low Vitamin D2-D3 (comment: this study showed that low vitamin D is not a cause of EHS but an effect from electromagnetic radiation exposure)

  • High Histamine
  • High IgE
  • High Protein S100B
  • High Nitrotyrosine (NTT)
  • High Heat shock protein 70 (HSP70)
  • High Heat shock protein 27 (HSP27)
  • High Anti-O-myelin autoantibodies
  • Low Hydroxy-melatonin sulfate (6-OHMS)
  • Low 6-OHMS/creatinine
  • Abnormal blood flow in brain in temporal lobes

WiFi in the Sky, Convenient, Profitable and In-demand – Is It Safe?

Radio-frequency (RF) – Wireless Microwave Radiation Exposure from Mobile Devices and WiFi Connectivity

1. Aviation Alert?
2. International RF Exposure Safety Standards In Question
3. Questions for the Aviation Industry and Inflight WiFi Providers
4. Scientific, Medical and Pilot Performance Issues
5. Partial Summary of Biological Effects
6. Commercial Pilots From Several Countries
7. Technology and Technical Experts
8. Threats to Security, including GAO Report

A. Cardiac Effects and More Medical Issues, Cardiologist’s letter
B. 2008/2012 Letters from group of European Physicians
C. UK Electrical Engineer and other Technical experts
D. Rough Draft of Sample Inflight Symptom Survey
E. References
F. FAA response to our letter concerning satellite transmissions

IN SUMMARY with 8 key points

Download pdf

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