Concern over HYDRO QUEBEC’s new wireless smart meters (LAVAL)

Original Post Date: March 14, 2014

CBC NEWS interview with Laval City Councillor and a rep from a Citizens’ Group against smart meters

Laval citizens have formed a group to voice what concerns about what it says are potential health side-effects of Hydro Quebec’s new wireless smart meters.

The City of Laval, Quebec, (3rd largest city in Quebec with 400,000+) has responded to a large group concerned about health and civil rights re. $meters, by passing a resolution.

From a March 11 press release:

“This resolution expresses unequivocally the importance of the City of Laval grants municipalities the duty ” to provide their citizens with a healthy local environment, especially in the place where they live .” It emphasizes the ” very large scientific argument ” that citizens have to support their position. The resolution also reflects the desire of the City of Laval to see that its citizens are respected asking the Quebec government to “condemn the zeal of installers issuers’ Hydro -Quebec meters .”


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