Scientific evidence contradicts findings and assumptions of Canadian Safety Panel 6 (Martin Pall)

Microwaves act through voltage-gated calcium channel activation to induce biological impacts at non-thermal levels, supporting a paradigm shift for microwave/lower frequency electromagnetic field action – Martin Pall

  • Introduction
  • EMFs act via stimulation of voltage gated calcium channels (VGCCs)
  • Three other types of observations that contradict the assumptions of current safety standards
  • The properties of VGCCs and other voltage-gated ion channels may make them uniquely susceptible to low intensity MF activation
  • Canadian Royal Society Expert Panel Report on radio frequency fields
  • What is in the report?
  • Genotoxicity of non-thermal microwave exposures: examples of”inconsistency?
  • Karl Popper and how to assess scientific evidence
  • Some other aspects
  • Cataract formation as claimed effects of microwave-caused heating
  • Summary of the report
  • How VGCC activation by microwave/ RF exposure can produce a variety of important biological responses
  • Biologically-based EMF safety standards
  • Brief overview
  • References